What is Reset?

Special mineral based fresh-drinkpowder mix with other components.
Packed fizzy mixture with citrus flavor.

Drink for the delicious freshness.


RESET is an effervescent beverage powder mix with special ingredients that by helping remove and neutralise organic acids and other toxins created in the body.

Restoring general vitality.

How can Reset help you?


While doing sports, RESET prevents the production of lactic acid and hypoxemia, consequently it reduces muscle fatigue and helps prevent a drop in performance. It averts muscular acidosis and decreases the risk of sore muscles.

Using it facilitates optimal performance.

Alcoholic drinks

RESET helps the body fight off the inconveniences caused by alcohol consumption and accelerates the removal of alcohol from the body, thereby preventing alcohol poisoning and ketoacidosis.

Prevents hangover symptoms from developing.


It has a positive effect on inflammations, uric acid deposition, arthritis and general acidification, even rheumatoid arthritis, and allergy symptoms in the body.

Active agents have a beneficial effect on general well-being and help manage daily routines better as well.

How to use Reset?

Dissolve the content of the sachet in 100-150 ml of water before drinking it.

  • Before, during and after alcohol consumption
  • Before or during strenuous sport activities
  • During strenuous work activities
  • For general fatigue

Its effect can be felt within 10-15 minutes of consumption.

Unique composition

Scientific basis

The RESET accelerates detoxification in the body through “catalysis of the citric acid cycle”, and restores the natural and healthy state of the body.

It is based on the natural physiological process discovered by Nobel Prize winner Albert Szentgyörgyi.

Why is better than other products?

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